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The summary assignment is due before 11:59PM ET the day before your presentation.

Paper Group Presentation (10%)

This assignment is to show you the modern uses of older AI methods and give you an entry point for how to critically read an academic paper.

Learning Objectives

In this assignment, you will


Generative AI Policy

If you use ChatGPT (or similar chatbots or AI-based generation tools), you must describe exactly how you used it, including providing the prompt, the original generation, and your edits. This applies to prose, code, or any form of content creation. Not disclosing is an academic integrity violation. If you do disclose, your answer may receive anywhere from 0 to full credit, depending on the extent of substantive edits, achievement of the learning objectives, and overall circumvention of those objectives.

Use of AI/automatic tools for grammatical assistance (such as spell-checkers or Grammarly) or small-scale predictive text (e.g., next word prediction, tab completion) is okay. Provided the use of these tools does not change the substance of your work, use of these tools may be, but is not required to be, disclosed.

What to Submit

  1. Fill out this form, choosing what Module(s) you would like to present from — due 9/8 at 11:59PM ET for everyone in the class.
  2. The summary, due 3PM the night before your presentation day. Submission link
  3. No submission, but: Be prepared to discuss what you learned in class on your assigned presentation day.