Lara J. Martin, PhD

postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania

How to say Lara: /'lɑɹ.ə/

I teach computers how to tell stories (also known as automated story generation).
More generally, I do with a focus on natural language. I look at how humans communicate and design/create artificially intelligent agents to leverage that.
Professionally interested in cognition and computational creativity; personally interested in AI equity and science communication.
My pronouns are /.

(updated 8/12/21)

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    Moore School Building, Room 103 (SIG Lab)
    200 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia PA, 19104
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    *denotes equal contribution

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Brief Bio

My research interests include:
  • computational creativity,
  • interactive narrative and narrative generation & understanding,
  • prosody & emotion (affective computing),
  • dialog & conversational agents,
  • and cognitive systems.

I am currently a at the University of Pennsylvania, working with .

I earned my PhD in in the at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I worked with in the , doing automated story generation.

I have a and have taught as instructor of record for an Intro to Cognitive Science class.

I have a Masters in Language Technologies from in their School of Computer Science. I received my BS in Computer Science and Linguistics from Rutgers University — New Brunswick.

One of my non-research passions is in educating children about computer science and technology — especially getting young girls and other minorities in tech interested, and I try to find as many local outreach opportunities as I can.

I enjoy playing computer games and board games, petting dogs, hiking, SCUBA diving, playing piano and accordion, collecting accents, and doing random craft projects. And I'm married to .

Recorded Talk(s)

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  • by Amy Barrett for Science Focus Podcast. March 15, 2021.
  • by Amy Barrett in Science Focus Magazine. Feb 17, 2021.
  • by Will Knight in Wired. Feb 28, 2020.

Random Side Projects

  • I have been collecting a list of American English for my foriegn friends. had generously made it into a , which has since been removed. :c
  • I created a machine translation system with Vivian Robison for translating the Bible from .
  • I am a downloadable voice in the speech synthesis tool (voice " ")
  • I presented at (a fake conference) on " " with .